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~Final Fantasy series
~Kingdom Hearts series
~Darren Criss
~Cats (my Laicie mostly)
~Buffy the Vampire slayer
~Harry Potter
~John Green novels
~Divergent novels
~Yoshizawa Hitomi

...Nerdfighter for life...
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I’m getting more than a little tired of being judged or looked down on for doing what I want to be happy.

Case 1: being single. People keep being all like “omg but you’re 24 and single what’s wrong with you” or whatever. Like can you not?? I’m not good in relationships and I don’t want to be in one right now. If Nic called me right now and asked me to be his girlfriend, I would. Wanna know why? Because my history shows that I just want what I can’t have, and once I get it, I don’t want it anymore. I’m that kind of dick. So if I were to be Nic’s girlfriend, I would then realise how much I hate him or he’d lose his appeal, and then we’d break up and it’d be over for real. For the moment though since he has some kind of childhood trauma, it’s just a convenient thing we have going right now and I’m OK with that. 

I’m tired of my friends in relationships not understanding what I want. It’s ok that they want that more than freedom, people have different values and that’s OK. It makes it hard when I want to hang out though but they’re too invested in their relationships to care about their friendships. I suppose that’s what happens though when you settle down? Eh. Like. I understand and accept that, but they don’t seem to accept that I’m happy with being alone. It’s the “happy” part I think they have trouble with. I could have a partner right now if I chose to settle, and I won’t because that wouldn’t be fair to me or to the other person. I’m tired of people trying to make me feel bad for it. 

Case 2: concert. So Lady Gaga is coming here on tour in August, sadly when I’ll be in NZ! EXCEPT for her last date, August 30 in Sydney. I want to go to this so bad, I’ve decided fuck it, I’m going alone. I need to stop being so fucking afraid of everything I do. There’s super cheap flights right now that I actually can’t look past, so it’s time to bite the bullet. Surely if anything I’ll enjoy the damn concert more alone because there won’t be anyone to judge me and I’ll be able to do what I goddamn want! 

I just told this to Joyce, and was met with, “Oh, are you sure you’re happy with this decision?” UH BABES. You call yourself one of my best friends! You should know by now that if I’m not happy doing something, I won’t do it. This clearly relates back to being in a relationship also though :P Probably she thought I was making shit up to guilt her into changing her mind, but I’m 100% doing this. Going to book those cheap ass flights right now even. Hmph.

Argh anyway it’s just things like this. It makes me tired. So fucking tired. Let me be who I want to be ffs. UGH RANT OVER

If you love her, let her know. If you don’t, stop acting like you do. -

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wow its that simple. take note please.

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One note = one vote in our heart. Like or reblog to vote! Go Australia!

The Fault in Our Stars is going national! Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Nat Wolff, and John Green will be traveling the United States and they will visit the 10 states with the most notes on the corresponding post. Want to make sure they remember that they have fans outside of USA? Demand the stars come to Australia! Just like and reblog this GIF, and spread the word: each note on Tumblr equals a higher chance this post gets seen. The post that has the most votes by April 25 will receive a visit from The Fault in Our Stars tour, but what if one of them happened to be for a different country? 

That’s the thing about Australia… It demands to be felt.

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Just press play and listen

god damn it it works.

it works, and that’s the greatest crime of all.

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i fuckin hate the type of person who enters a room when a show is on and starts talking. what the fuck is wrong with you. who the fuck raised you. are you an animal. get out of my house

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I just have a lot of love for this gif.

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Guys I watched Divergent and I loved it!

Also the theatre decided to kill me with feels before the movie even began because the first trailer was for The Fault in Our Stars like can you not? Honestly don’t know how I’m gonna cope with that film yo xD

Anyway, I felt especially strange after seeing that trailer of Shai and Ansel in love and then seeing them as siblings :P I know that the movies are obvs different and they have mad acting skills so it’s fine, just seeing it right away made me realise even more xD

But I digress!! Can I just say, that when I read the books I may have been extra hormonal but I ship FourTris so damn hard I cried reading about their love, and seeing it on screen made me super emotional again like I can’t even xD

Bleh, I have to go do super important things like sleep and deal with this!


Limited Edition TFiOS Preparedness Kit

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I finally saw Twisted!! So late to the party but oh well!

Oh my gosh it was so good though <3 

The music!!! Not one note made me cringe it was all so perf T_T

Meredith and Dylan’s voices are so lovely together I can’t deal!

Speaking of, so glad Dylan was the lead, there’s no way he’ll get shunned now :D
Also Jeff what even is your face xD Such good times

You know what I just really loved it and I’m sad it took me this long :D

Congrats to everyone involved you’re all lovely <3

Check it out »


I on accident played Lightning Returns for 10 hours today instead of finishing my assignment… =/

I got super emotional when I couldn’t beat Caius and also that other boss guy from the Dead Dunes. There’s only one day left and I’m confused as to if the game actually…

Ahhhh yeah xD In regards to battling, it’s just I haven’t slept a lot over the past days and literally didn’t move for 10 hours so my eyes were like dying xD

I’m just having real issues with these other bosses because I couldn’t cope with the battle system as it was, let alone having to actually try and use it well =/ Like I’m literally that person who just mashes X during battle and it upset me that I couldn’t do that here xD I appreciate the change, no mistake… but I’m just not good at battles xD

I on accident played Lightning Returns for 10 hours today instead of finishing my assignment… =/

I got super emotional when I couldn’t beat Caius and also that other boss guy from the Dead Dunes. There’s only one day left and I’m confused as to if the game actually finishes if I don’t get the main quests done..? Like how about I just yolo it and keep trying to save other souls? I mean. I’ve done all the ones in Luxerion and Yusnaan I could find…? Well not the Canvas of Prayers stuff because they’re mostly just monster items and I was too tired to bother battling today… Don’t get EXP so I didn’t see the point lolol

Any tips? xD